Commercial Condos, Medical Condos

Commercial Condos, Medical Condos, Owner Occupied Business

ccm009Commercial Properties or Medical Condos can be funded either with or without a government guarantee. CCM has relationships with conventional Lenders that will loan on commercial or medical condos providing the borrower can show enough income on the previous two years tax returns, Experience in that field, and sufficient credit score. The property is subject to appraisal, and Construction and Equipment can be included.

For a Start up Purchase previously renting the property and then purchasing it would enhance the underwriter’s ability to put a fair market value on the business and more accurately predict the future income of that business.This Program also allows the funding of leased space.

Loan to Purchase could be as high as 85% to 90% LTV with a 25 Year amortization, with rates starting in the low 4s

With the ability to fund a wide variety of business including Warehouse Units, Auto Repair, Office Space, Restaurant, Convenience Store,Funeral Service, Marinas, Retail, and Medical Office. With the ability to get a highly leveraged loan it makes sense to own the locations were you operate your business, and CCM is here to help you achieve that goal.