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City Commercial Mortgage

NY: (212) 564-1257
MIAMI: (305) 961-1177
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Conventional Loans in Miami, FL

If you want to start your home search on a strong financial footing, conventional loans in Miami, FL, are what you need; talk to your lender about becoming a certified homebuyer. Doing this will require a few extra steps upfront, but it can give you an edge over other buyers in a hot market and get you to the closing table faster. This type of loan is so popular and has several features that make it an excellent choice for most:

  • Low-interest rates
  • Fast loan processing
  • Diverse down payment options
  • Ranging from 10 to 30 years on various term lengths on a fixed-rate mortgage
  • Reduced private mortgage insurance (PMI)

Just because it offers so much flexibility, there are still some decisions to make even after choosing this type of loan. You’ll also have to consider how much you can put down, how long you want your loan term to be, and how much house you can afford.

Purchase or Refinance

Thinking of going to your local Bank?

Well, we work with many banks and know who is making the best offers at this time and can help you through the process.

Quite Simply, we match your financial profile and selected property with the best-suited lender to maximize your borrowing power. Then work with your staff to provide the lender with the documents needed to close. We also guide you through any unforeseen obstacles that tend to pop up during a Purchase or Refinance.

We are here to help you close your mortgage. Please call to discuss your financing needs.